Lance Morel
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Ander#75 Ander60VY lit a candle on 09/10/2017: "Производствосветодио-дных табло валют, бегущих строк, табло для АЗС"
DEE S. lit a candle on 03/07/2016: "A wonderful memorial for a special young man."
Shanna Riley lit a candle on 10/12/2013: "You are still so missed and so loved."
Melinda Cote lit a candle on 06/02/2013: "What a wonderful tribute . Such a talented man. How wonderful this tribute helps others to know him"
Leslie lit a candle on 02/18/2013: "Kings of Leon..he sounds just like you to me. I hear it, I miss you, U were amazing"
Liz Evers lit a candle on 11/25/2012: "sorry for your loss god bless you all"
Marc Thompson lit a candle on 11/09/2012: "I never met Lance, however having read the beautiful loving quotes from so many people gave me a sense of sorrow."
John Palermo lit a candle on 09/20/2012: "SOMETIMES YOU GET IN MY HEAD AND I CAN'T STOP THINKONG OF YOU. This is one of those times , Miss you man."
Rhonda C. Poynter lit a candle on 08/29/2012: "I am sorry to read of this young man's loss; this page highlighting his talent is a wonderful tribute to him. Peace -"
Shanna lit a candle on 10/15/2011: "Happy Birthday, Rockstar. We miss you."
Beverly(Harley Walls Mom) lit a candle on 02/06/2011: "Sweet Angel Lance, liting this candle in honor & memory of UR Life & Luv, U will 4ever live on in the Hearts & Souls."
Rhonda Harrison lit a candle on 10/15/2010: "God Bless You And Your Loved Ones Dearest Lance."
Shanna lit a candle on 10/02/2010: "Thinking of you a lot are still so very missed every single day."
Learoy Baron lit a candle on 08/25/2010: "It has been a very long time. Almost 4 yrs. and it still doesn't seem right. I wish you were here."
Antoinette Sachetta lit a candle on 01/15/2010: "you were too young to die"
Antoinette Sachetta lit a candle on 01/15/2010: "So sorry for your loss"
Shanna lit a candle on 10/13/2009: "Miss you still."
A. lit a candle on 10/12/2009: "Thinking about you, always."
Cassi lit a candle on 09/18/2009: "miss you..."
Gail Herbest lit a candle on 08/09/2009: "Peace"
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