Lance Morel
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Laura Dirkx (LCD) lit a candle on 08/16/2007: "Remembering you today Lance. I know yyou are singing for the Angels now."
Brandi Ramagos lit a candle on 07/22/2007: "I went to your website after talking to one of your friends, Robby Prestenbach, Wish I would have got to meet you!"
Learoy Baron lit a candle on 07/02/2007: "Was thinking of some of the good times and decided to light you a candle. Miss ya man."
Heather lit a candle on 06/22/2007: "Just surfed through, sounds like he was an Amazing young man. He'll be watching over all of you, always. God Bless"
Randi Firmin lit a candle on 06/11/2007: "Thinking of you today, dear! You are soo missed by so many. Your in all our hearts & and thoughts always."
Rene Padgett lit a candle on 06/03/2007: "You are a special angel, that is loved and missed so much. RIP."
Charlie Lewis lit a candle on 05/24/2007: "I passed by our old smokin spot the other day. I smoked my first cigarette down there with you. I really miss you man."
Jill Bolton lit a candle on 05/02/2007: "what a beautiful man and voice. Survive in heaven as you did on earth."
Shanna lit a candle on 04/26/2007: "Watched the video the other day - heard your voice, your laugh - cried my eyes out. We fucking miss you."
Victorya Dugas lit a candle on 04/24/2007: "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,love leaves a memory no one can steal."
Vanessa Hufstetler lit a candle on 04/13/2007: "Lance, you had too be a wonderful are missed by all who loved you. Rest in Heaven."
Valerie Doby lit a candle on 04/06/2007: "I came upon your site through Find A Grave. I am truly touched with emotion . You are now a special angel."
Vanessa Hufstetler lit a candle on 04/04/2007: "In honor of Lance and Shanna. An Angel in Heaven and an Angel on earth."
Rene Padgett lit a candle on 04/04/2007: "YOU are one special young man, who is loved by all!"
Jeremy Marsh lit a candle on 03/17/2007: "Hey buddy i miss you like fuckin crazy now St. Patricks day was not the same this year miss you man."
Amber Bourke lit a candle on 03/14/2007: "Always on my mind, baby. Missing you. Love you forever."
Amber Bourke lit a candle on 02/14/2007: "Happy Valentine's Day, baby. I miss you so very much. I love you always."
Shanna lit a candle on 02/06/2007: "Thinking of you so much lately; none of us will ever truly be over the loss of you. We love you, Lance."
Cyndy Millican lit a candle on 01/31/2007: "God bless all who knew & loved this young man."
Mom &. Dad Morel lit a candle on 01/06/2007: "We miss you so much.Love you baby and wish you were here with us."
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